Select best laptop for students 2021

Select best laptop for students

Basic Guide to Select best laptop for students in Sri Lanka

with the pandemic situation around the world work from home and learn from home became new normal, but it was very challenging for developing countries like us,
with the country’s economic situation as well as the pandemic rises across the country, inflation has been risen in certain level,

but whatever happens our parents are struggling to give us the the education we doesn’t matter whether our parents are executives or labors they are working hard to educate us with their fullest effort,

with the mobility restrictions around the country it’s not possible to walk around markets to choose a laptop.

increasing of logistics cost and the import ban imposed by government to electronics has effected the prices of electronics such as computers, laptops and mobile phone in the market, also the vendors are taking the advantage of rising demand to above mentioned products,

due to all above reasons affording a Brand New Laptop is bit challenging
lets talk about how we can select best laptop for students in sri lanka with available models and prices in the market,

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